10 Basic Advantages of Having a Particular boat

The only way to have both these together is to charter a private yacht. They have all the amenities you need; you can relax knowing that you don’t have to spend a lot like on a cruise.

In fact, when it comes to fine the best private luxury yacht rentals in California,Guest Posting you can get all-inclusive services at a low price with OC Yacht Rentals. As an esteemed firm, we are here to help you understand how to charter a yacht for your vacation.

6 Steps to charter a yacht

1. Decide the travelling date:

Choosing the perfect day is very much important when it comes to chartering a yacht. You might have to pay more during common holidays than during any other time of the year.

Some yacht services base their offers on the weather conditions of the locality. So, decide on a date that is comfortable for your family as well as your wallet/purse.

If you have trouble planning a private yacht charter in Newport Beach, our experts are here to help you choose the right package and benefits.

2. Come up with a headcount:

Yachts vary in size and type. To choose a yacht that is perfect for your plans, the first thing to do is a headcount. The number of passengers highly influences the type of yacht you need to select.

The crew members of the yacht have their own rooms and amenities. So you only have to count the number of guests who will be travelling onboard. Always remember yachts have strict limitations on their capacity.

We at OC Yacht Rentals, the best private luxury rentals, California, offer a range of 12 different yachts fleets for you to choose from. The capacity of our yachts ranges from 6 to 150 guests. So you never run out of options with us.

3. Choose a destination:

Wherever you go on a yacht, it is certain to be exciting. But, it doesn’t mean you can just hop on one and go anywhere you want. You must choose a destination. For example, Catalina island is famous among the Californian islands for its diverse marine life.

You might be having kids on board. What best way to keep them entertained than to have dolphins swimming next to you? Therefore, depending on the needs destinations vary.

And sometimes depending on the destination, the yacht available might also vary. So if you want to dwell around the clear waters of Californian islands, search for the best yacht rental, Newport Beach.

4. Choose the duration of the charter:

Depending on the type of vacation you are having, the hours also vary. You might wish to spend a few hours or even days, which entirely depends on your preference.

Most charter agencies charge you on the hour. If you have many events planned, you can go for long hours. If not, it is better to choose exactly how many hours you need on the water.

With the best private luxury yacht rentals, California, you can also get special packages for a day at affordable prices. You can customize every part of your yachting with fun and games of your preference.

5. Organize your trip:

As said earlier, charter agencies provide a range of services for you to choose from. You can just pitch in your ideas and the agency will take care of the rest. If you do not wish to cook your own meal, you can even opt for a chef.

You must understand that yacht trips are for independent travellers like yourself. Cruise is like a huge hotel on the waters. But, a yacht is like a private dinner party just for your family and friends.

With professional captains and all-inclusive pricing, you can trust the prominent yacht rental Newport Beach, CA for a fun-filled experience.

6. Book a perfect yacht:

Now that you have planned everything else, you just have to search for the perfect yacht. Not every yacht will suit Yacht Hire Greece your preference. A big yacht for a small group is just a waste of space and money.

Some yachts might not be available to the destination you are desperate to visit. Sometimes, you might want to celebrate an event on the yacht, but there might not be enough amenities.

So, do not rush while choosing a yacht. Because the best yacht rentals, Newport Beach, has got you covered with a plethora of options and customizations.


Floating through the magical Californian islands is an adventure worth spending. Most people think that chartering a yacht is a costly process. But it is not so. It entirely depends on the type of yacht you choose and the time you spend on it. However, be sure to charter a yacht through experts to get the best experience.